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Q: Why is there no Image?


  • Check all connections.
  • Confirm the display power switch is on.
  • Confirm the Computer ( source ) is powered on.
  • Disconnect power source to the monitor, and reconnect. If no change,
  • press the power button once, and repeat disconnection process again.
Q: Why is the image is of poor quality?


  • Check that the VGA ( video) cable/s are properly secure and has no damage.
  • Verify the computer Resolution is set to 1024 X 768 (15″ display) or 800 X 600.
  • Verify the Computer Refresh Rate is 60Hz.
  • Implement the Auto Adjust from the Menu.
  • Adjust the Phasing from the Menu (position selection).
  • Avoid use of Video Splitters or similar devices that may distort video signal. Connect the display directly to the source to confirm this.
Q: Why is the image is offset?


  • Implement the Auto Adjust from the menu.
  • Adjust the Vertical position and Horizontal position in the menu.
  • Verify computer Refresh Rate is 60Hz (computer properties).
Q: Can I run my display on DC Power?

Answer: It is possible to run a Big Bay Display off DC Power when you power it through a Voltage Regulator. If you do not use a DC Regulator then it is very possible that you will pop the backlight of your display when experiencing the power fluctuations inherent to your boat.


Q: My Computer doesn't recognize my GPS?


There are many factors involved in configuring your GPS to your Big Bay Technologies. Much of this is pertinent to your particular make and model of GPS Receiver. Verify that your data connections are correct. If the problem persists, contact either your GPS manufacturer or the dealer.

Q: I can't hear sound?


Big Bay Technologies computers are equipped with an internal sound card; however, you will need to plug external speakers on your computer to access the sound. Plug the external speakers into the lineout jack on your computer. Please refer to your specific diagram for the lineout jack position.

Q: My RF mouse doesn't work or it has limited range?


First, check the batteries. Replace if necessary. Second, change the channel on the mouse. The channel selector button is located on the hand-held portion of the mouse, just beneath the battery cover. Slide the cover back about half of an inch to expose the button. Press and hold the button until the receiver’s green LED light begins to blink. If the mouse still behaves sporadically, press the channel button once to change channels. There are 30 channels available on the Logitech RF Mouse. The third option is to move the receiver end of the RF mouse to an alternative location. To increase the range, make sure the mouse is switched on to Hi. If none of the above procedures work, put an extension cable in-between the receiver end and the computer. Place the receiver closer to where you plan on using it.

Q: Can I mount my Book PC vertically?


Yes, it is designed to be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Ensure that it is mounted so that the CD ROM drive will be accessed from the side and not the top.

Q: Can I load my own software?


Yes, in this case, treat your Big Bay Technologies system as any other computer and load software according to the software manufacturer. Please keep in mind that you will not want to over load your navigation devices. Certain packages may conflict with one another. If you are unsure or would like verification before the software is loaded please contact your software vendor.