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Welcome to Big Bay Technologies!

Big Bay Tech has worked tirelessly to develop new products that are high-performance, robust and affordable. We offer a complete line of computers, displays and accessories that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be up to the rigors of marine use. Our most popular computer is called the Book PC which is a small form factor computer that is easily mounted anywhere on a boat and is capable of running any application you can load. One of the biggest issues most people have with using their own computer on a boat is being able to see the display.

Big Bay Tech makes sure you can easily see the display in any lighting environment. With 4 lines of displays and over 12 different models we can match one of our displays to your boat for optimal viewing even at night when too much brightness is the issue. Whether you have a single steering station or multiple, we have the accessories that will enable you to interact with the computer from virtually anywhere on the boat, all tested for the marine environment.